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Here we will give you a representation of the wide variety of Game Modes you will be able to play within Pong Heroes in the future. The Game Modes are set to increase in quantity and variation over time. For now, you can get familiar with the ones available.


Classic mode is Pong Heroes but in an the old-fashioned way. Stimulate nostalgic memories. Player movement is vertical only (up & down), but the ball still picks up pace over time.
Freestyle mode is the upgraded version of the classic mode. Now, this is where it gets interesting, as players have much more room for maneuver - both vertically AND horizontally! This is where powerups, pets, offensive and defensive measures come in handy, as they will become very useful in increasing the odds of winning the match.

Defensive and offensive measures

(upcoming function; ready in Q1 2023) Players can equip different sets of defensive and offensive measures to disrupt their opponent and enhance their own probability of winning. In order to make the gameplay more fun (as it is very important to us).
1. Offensive measures (Pimp up your offenses)
1.1. Red cannonballs - At the start, both players have 5 red cannonballs that they can shoot towards their opponent or their assets that are meant to make your life harder. Red balls are dangerous and push you from your position. Red balls can bounce around for up to 3 seconds. Both players have 5 red cannonballs in the beginning of the match and they have 7 seconds reload time. Beware of shooting yourself with the red cannonball.
1.2 Snakes - Snakes are deployed toward the enemy. Snakes will slowly crawl to the opposing player, following them. They are slow but create more intensity as the snake follows the opposing player and slows the opponent down when the snake bites. Snake must be killed with 5 red cannonballs or 1 rocket.
1.3. Bat - there will be a flying bat deployable at will, flying in circles, which the enemy player needs to avoid hitting it with the green ball. Once the bat is hit by the opposing side, it will spawn a second ball and make the game harder for the opponent. The second ball will not be a worry for the player who deployed the bat. Bat must be killed with 5 red cannonballs or 1 rocket.
1.4. Flashbang - the screen goes almost full white for 3 seconds on the enemy's side of screen when deployed. Flashbang can be deployed once per match and can be destoyed with 1 cannonball mid-air.
2.DEFENSIVE MEASURES (Pimp up your defenses)
2.1. Static wall - before a match, players can put up to 2 walls down onto the map to create obstacles, bottlenecks etc. Static wall can be destroyed with 15 cannonball hits or 3 rockets.
2.2. Moving wall - before a match, players can put up to 2 moving wall onto the map to create moving obstacles. Moving wall can be destroyed with 10 cannonball hits or 2 rockets.
2.3. Mines - before a match, players can put up to 2 mines on the map, if an enemy player hovers over mine, it detonates. Once detonated, the player gets thrown around. Mines can be detonated with 6 cannonball hits or 1 rocket.
  • Wager Match
This is the phase where PONG Heroes will focus heavily on PVP only (Win2Earn Concept). Wager against & dominate your opponent. Take part in 1vs1 and 2v2.
  • Make your Own Lobby
  • Join a Lobby
  • NFT Wager Match
For those who are hungry for something high risk high reward. Wager your NFT against your opponent who has agreed to do the same. In this game mode, you will face off against another player in Best of 3 (BO3) matches. Winner takes all.

Want to practice? No problem.

PONG Heroes already includes a practice mode, where the player can test their skill in the competitive environment against a bot.
Before going multiplayer, you must refurnish your skills against the bot. You will have the option of three distinct difficulty levels: easy, normal, and expert. By putting your skills to the test, you will obtain XP for hitting the ball as well as for winning the AI match. You climb the leaderboard by obtaining XP. This will come in handy once we launch Web 3.0 multiplayer along with the $PONG token.