NFT Pets

The Pong Heroes NFT Pets collection will feature 10 000 randomly generated NFT-s on the Binance Smart Chain. There will be 4 original NFT Pet characters with equal (1/4) rarity. Owning a Pong Hero NFT pet gives the player a significant advantage in competetitive PVP matches.

Pricing & Utility

The mint price for Pong Hero NFT Pets is 10 BUSD. Minting a PONGHero NFT Pet will get you to have an edge over your opponent, giving you a permanent power-up, as the Pet is equipped during a PVP match. This will drastically increase your chanches of winning, which is the primary reason to own & utilize the pets in the first place.

Meet your Pets

El Gato: Increase the speed of the ball on impact by 10%, but once the opponent hits back, it goes back to normal speed. This will make it trickier for your opponent to hit the ball, as the speed is higher.
Hamp the Hamster: Increases the probability of powerups spawning on your side by 30%. This makes your opponent weary of Hamp, as it will give your side an edge in terms of power-ups.
Gary The Turtle: Increases the player's size. This gives the turtle holder the competitive edge, as their hit space gets wider, making it harder for the opponent to secure a goal.
Purry: Purry gives the player the advantage of slowing down the ball on the friendly player's side by 10%.