This page will give the reader an insight into Power-ups & what role they hold within the PONG Heroes gameplay. They appear randomly on screen for 5 seconds and give additional instruments the player can use to their advantage. However, these same characteristics can be used against you, so be wary.

  1. Magic Shield

The purpose of the Magic Shield is to increase the player's hitbox by 2x, so it will be harder for the opponent to strike a goal. The Magic Shield lasts for 10 seconds.

2. Ruby Sword - The purpose of the Ruby Sword is that it makes the friendly player's ball 20% faster. However, when the opponent strikes back, it will be at normal speed. The opposing player must be sharp in order to defend his goal. The Ruby Sword power-up lasts for 10 seconds.

3. The Mystic Feather

The Mystic Feather decreases the ball's speed on the friendly player's side by 20%. This power-up lasts for 10 seconds.

4. Mystery box

The Mystery Box will give the player a random power-up out of the others. The probability is equal across all power-ups.

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