Competitor Analysis

Technical analysis of industry competitors provides the PONG Heroes team with a landscape overview, for the purpose of assessing and implementing ways to provide additional value within the business and game. A completed analysis allowed the team to identify the strong foundation being built with PONG Heroes when compared with market competitors.

Conclusion for Technical Analysis:

Games that offer a mobile version perform significantly better and reach a larger audience than games that are solely browser-based. Despite research showing that the vast majority of current blockchain gamers play on PC, mobile markets have been left largely untouched, which is a great opportunity for PONG Heroes to have its market share, in addition to the now-present PC gamers. Our technical base, the dual-layer economy, allows players to exchange in-game tokens for native tokens while earning rewards on mobile.

Furthermore, games that have aesthetic visuals, are user friendly and are fun have proven to have better performance indicators. Research shows that games need to be simple and playable as soon as it gets downloaded, with minimal amount of having to get to know and navigate within the game. Mobile games with a difficult get-to-know starting period have shown a sharp decrease in player retention after 30 days from downloading (-90%). This means that PONG Heroes must be simple to acquire and play, in order to build and maintain player retention.

In addition, games that have open-world options, have been proven to show better performance metrics. Research shows that players deviate from game-to-game quite often, as one game might become boring rather fast (due to P2E largely being focused on the earning aspect). PONG Heroes World will give the player additional value (socializing, facilities, challenges, quests, marketplace). Furthermore, due to the fact that Pong Heroes World will substitute current main menu (and all PONG Heroes blockchain utilities), the probability of them engaging with other aspects if PH World is enhanced.

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