NFT Marketplace


Pong Heroes development team will release a marketplace to host auctions and trade NFT characters.


The Pong Hero NFT-s collection will include its own NFT marketplace. You will be able to buy new Pong Hero NFTs here. This allows players to purchase new Pong Hero NFT-s for $PONG, which they can also earn by winning matches, taking part in various airdrops/giveaways, competing in tournaments and winning prizes, and staking their NFT/$PONG. In short, there is a lot planned in the name of Pong Heroes' longevity.


There are numerous ways to earn $PONG and the cost of entering the PONG Ecosystem is insignificant. This allows players to quickly replace their lost Pong Hero NFTs by purchasing new Pong Hero NFTs without investing any more of their own money. The Pong NFT Marketplace enables us to add value to Pong Heroes NFT-s and make holding $PONG more appealing.


This is just the beginning; our goal is to add more NFT collections to our marketplace, where you can use $PONG to purchase NFT-s from other collections and projects. Our team is very talented and holds disposal of a significant network & resources that will take part in making our vision a reality.