Alpha Version

As PONG Heroes is in early alpha stage, we have implemented the following reward mechanism:
  1. 1.
    Connect Web3 wallet & register / log in
  2. 2.
    Play the single player to get XP
  3. 3.
    Gain XP to get Top 10 position on the leaderboard
  4. 4.
    Get weekly airdrops
Weekly airdrop amount depends on your positioning among the Top 10 leader board.

Standard Version (Post-Alpha)

Rewards: The player can gain rewards through various methods (upcoming function; ready in Q1 2023). This includes direct PVP (Player VS Player), staking, as well as weekly for being in the top performing players on the leader board during respective time periods.
Token wager match: assuming the average wager is 5 $PONG per player, which translates to the prize pool will be 10 $PONG, per match (as the wager tax is 10% from the prize pool), the average reward per match is projected to be $9 $PONG. The wager options include different amounts worth of $PONG.
NFT wager match: an option for the players that desire the excitement of high-risk and high-reward opportunities. The NFT wager matches’ profitability solely depends on the floor price of the NFTs. Initial NFT minting price is $10.00; the floor price will be largely speculated on by the value of the token and overall sentiment towards PONG Heroes. The NFTs can be later sold in our native NFT marketplace, which is integrated into the PONG Heroes ecosystem. For pricing see Game-Economy-Monetization document.
Staking: rewards for holding. Players can stake their on-chain $PONG tokens. Rewards are based on risk-reward tolerance and desire to obtain heightened status within the PONG Heroes community and therefore equal these numbers stated below. Staking pools have different functions and utilities.


Casino/Raffle: players can purchase raffle tickets, with the funds going toward a single jackpot. Whatever amount of $PONG is collected within 7 days to the weekly prize pool, it will act as a jackpot for 5 random players. The more tickets one participant purchases, the higher the chance of winning the jackpot. This function has not been designed yet and will be implemented in the future.
Daily Rewards: players will receive daily rewards from the login calendar if they do not miss any days of logging in. The rewards will mainly be in items, with the odd exception of tokens (how much and how often - in evaluation). This will give the player the desire to log onto the game regularly, anticipating $PONG tokens. This should increase player retention, as when the player already has logged on, thus increasing the probability of them engaging in PVP matches.
Boss Battle: 5 players need to defeat the boss. Last person standing, the survivor will receive all of the rewards. Entry fee 20 $BYTES. Prize pool 100 $BYTES. Participation fee 10% of the prize pool. Projected reward for being the last person standing is 90 $BYTES ($9.00 at TGE price) with 10 $BYTES paid to the company.
Golem Boss: players need to avoid getting hit and simultaneously shoot red cannonballs at the boss to defeat them. Rewards: i. Random NFT items. ii. 90% of Boss Battle prize pool.
• Snake Boss: players need to escape the chase. Rewards: i. Random NFT items. ii. 90% of Boss Battle prize pool.