Pong Heroes is inspired by the legendary first game ever. Pong is a hyper-casual, fast-paced, Win2Earn, Free2Play skill-driven competitive multiplayer PONG game, aiming for real sustainability in the web3 gaming space.
The initial Pong game was released in 1972, with roots coming from England and originally named Ping-Pong, finds its way to being reincarnated in Web 3.0. Even the internet wasn't introduced back then.
With a twist of PVP, and NFT's & much more, PONG Heroes is meant to resurrect the famous first game ever on the Binance Smart Chain. There are numerous crypto veterans on our team, all working together to achieve a common goal, which is to really make this game one of its kind & aim to establish a foothold in the P2E market, which is still yet to be in its infancy stage.

Why PONG Heroes?

The Problem
Through extensive market research and utilizing professional expertise, we have identified severe problems in the GameFi space: investment ecosystems that present extreme risks due to untrusted and unproven teams; a lack of quality games paired with a poor understanding of the gaming audience’s wants and needs; unreasonable barriers to entry and excessive strain on the gamer; and poor centralization and promotion of “community.”
The Solution
PONG Heroes is founded upon the solutions to these problems: soon-to-be operating on a dual-layer model, the self-sustainable in-game economy works independently of the tokenomic model and provides a symbiotic level of support; majority of the team comes from proven, successful projects that have supportive and cult-like communities; a well-designed game, expanding upon the gameplay of the gaming industry’s most prolific game with new game mechanics and gameplay features, that are designed to trigger the wants and needs of gamers identified in research; no barrier to entry and an economic model that differentiates between traders and gamers, while looking to microtransactions to promote revenue volume; and unique in-game and social media strategies to bring users of all backgrounds together in a fun and interactive environment.


Currently PONG Heroes resides in alpha stage. All functions and implementations are set to improve as the team continues to develop the game. Please refer to Game Development for more information regarding the specifics of Game development. The more PONG Heroes gets updated, the more functions and game modes it will have. Please refer to Roadmap for insight into the not-so-distant future of PONG Heroes.


The $PONG Whitepaper will be updated as new information and products become available.

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