In development (upcoming function; ready in Q1 2023).
1. Onboarding to Play Without Web3 Wallet - PONG Heroes will be available for web2 users without having to be even beginner-level crypto-savvy.
This directly reinforces our goal to become one of the first web3 games that web2 users would love to play. Players will purchase the $BYTES (off-chain) token through the in-game app directly with their FIAT bank account on our app, downloaded through the Google Play or App Store. This helps us target more people that would love to play P2E games but wouldn't know how to set up their wallets. Once $BYTES is bought, the funds will go directly into the $PONG (on-chain) liquidity pool, thus giving more buying pressure for the $PONG token. In addition, players can also swap their $BYTES back to whatever FIAT currency they prefer, making it easy for making money online.
2. Cross-Platform Solution - PONG Heroes to be played on PC and mobile simultaneously.
This aspect gives the opportunity for the PONG Heroes to be played on PC and mobile on the same server. This means that players from both groups (mobile and browser) can play against each other at the same time. This is innovative, because more players can be attending at once. This directly reinforces the Win2Earn concept.
3. Win2Earn Concept Solution - Self-sustainable circulative game economy.
Unlike a classic P2E game, which throws money out the window, PONG Heroes is truly a competitive game, where the primary method to earn is to wager against your opponent (Win2Earn). The amount you’re willing to risk, it’s the amount you’re going to receive (if you win).
4. Dual-Layer Economy Model
Pong Heroes will implement a dual-layer economy model, which will directly support the cross-platform solution from a technical standpoint.
  • Enable PONG Heroes to be played on mobile devices
  • Make the web3 game more easily available for web2 users