PONG Heroes is inspired by the legendary first video game ever programmed; pong. It is a hyper-casual, fast-paced, Win2Earn or Free2Play skill-driven competitive multiplayer game. The team behind it are aiming to create a self-sustaining and playable web3 game.

The initial pong game was released in 1972, designed by Atari engineer Allan Alcorn and originally named ping-pong. PONG Heroes have used Web3.0 technology to reinvent it as a fast paced mini-game that players can earn rewards when they win.

Our team of crypto veterans has built PONG Heroes on the Binance Smart Chain and we believe that this game is one of a kind. We aim to grow the game and the company to establish a firm foothold in the P2E market.

Why PONG Heroes?

The Problem

Through extensive market research and utilizing professional expertise, we have identified several problems in the GameFi space:

· Investment ecosystems that present extreme risks due to untrusted and unproven teams

· Lack of quality games paired with a poor understanding of the gaming audience’s wants and needs.

· Unreasonable barriers to entry for the average gamer and they fail to focus on the needs of their community.

The Solution

PONG Heroes is founded upon the solutions to these problems:

· Dual-layer model; self-sustainable in-game economy works independently of the token model

· PONG Heroes Team are from proven, successful projects that have larger, supportive communities

· Well-designed game based on original gameplay but with new game mechanics and features

· Low barriers to entry for players to visit and start playing


Currently PONG Heroes resides in alpha stage. All functionality and gameplay will improve as the team continues to grow and develop. See Game Development for more details.

We plan to expand and improve PONG Heroes from its current state so there will be more functionality and game modes. See Roadmap for more details.


The $PONG Whitepaper will be updated as new information and products become available.

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