What Is $BYTES?

1 $PONG = 1 $BYTES (upcoming function; ready in Q1 2023). The in-game currency BYTES hold the purpose of having quicker transaction times and seamless gaming. In addition to improving the player experience on the browser, having an in-game currency enables Pong Heroes to be playable on IOS and Android, which greatly enhances the target player group.

How It Works?

  1. Secure centralized database connected with Moralis

  2. Ingame OTC swap responsible for exchanging both tokens.

  3. Database smart contract, which stores all wallets and transactions - interacts with Moralis.

  4. 2FA authorization for extra layer of security


$BYTES are 100% backed by $PONG, and can be minted only through the in-game swap. Bytes data and transactions are validated by third-party servers, which makes it very secure and unexploitable.

Swap Rate & Supply

Swap rate inside the game: 1 $PONG = 1 $BYTES

This means, that 1 Byte will always be redeemable for 1 $PONG at all times.

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