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Technology in PONG Heroes

Unity for 3D content (WebGL) with C#
The game is made on Unity and WebGL, it is compatible with mobile and is lightweight.
Photon Engine for Multiplayer
Photon is well known for international servers and minimal downtime. Photon has servers on every continent providing low latency.
Google Firebase authentication and Firestore database (logic written
Google services are most up to standard and widely used in the industry. Secure and easy to implement and use.
Game Analytics to gather analytical data
Every game needs analytics to track KPIs, player retention, lifetime value, spending, and so on. Game Analytics is very customizable and doesn't overload the game.
Moralis to store NFT-related data and usage of webhooks for our dApps
Moralis provides the full-stack workflow for building high-performance dApps. Moralis is a set of APIs to read, write, and process on-chain data.
React Js for our dApps
Webflow for the website
Webflow is easy to update and responsive. If any website updates are quickly needed, it can be done.
Solidity for BSC contracts using ERC Standards
ChainSafe for web3 integration inside Unity
ChainSafe is a tested and reliable API for Unity to read and write web3 calls.