NFT Characters


The Pong Heroes NFT collection will feature 3 999 randomly generated NFT-s on the Binance Smart Chain. There will be 15 original NFT characters with various rarity.

Pricing & Utility

The mint price for Pong Hero NFT-s is 9.99 BUSD, which will allow you to mint 1 NFT. The maximum limit for minting is 10, the minimum is 1 NFT. The main utility for holding a Pong Heroes NFT is the ability to participate in PVP matches and get access to the Pong Heroes ecosystem. This means you can engage in different Game Modes. In addition, owning the rarest NFT, one of the Pong Kings, gives you exclusive access to NFT Dividends, DAO and privileged information from the core team.


Pong Dudes (40%)

Pong Warriors (30%)

Pong Heroes (21.75%)

Pong Champions (7%)

Pong Kings (1.25%)

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